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This world and all in it must perish. You see death all around you. The great Pyramids must some day give way before the end of time. Most of the mighty cities of history are now but dust, and those that remain are so changed that those who used to live in them would not know them now if they were to come back to them.

Men speak of becoming immortal by their own deeds. But a few years will utterly block out all their memory. On one occasion the great Napoleon was in the picture gallery of the Louvre. He expressed his admiration of a great picture to a general of his staff at his side.

"Yes," replied the general. "it is immortal." "Immortal!" exclaimed Bonaparte, "how long will it last?" "Three or four hundred years," the officer replied. Pointing to a magnificent statue near by, he demanded: "How long will it last?" "Three or four thousand years," the general thought.

Looking him in the eye, the Emperor asked, "You call that immortality? Ah! nothing but our souls are immortal!"

Your soul dear reader is the most valuable possession that you have and Jesus asks you and I a very pertinent question in Matthew 16:26. What is your answer?

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