Did The Jews Kill Jesus?

    • What did Jesus do that was worthy of the Death Sentence?
    • We know that Jesus did die on the cross.

    1. Many of Jesus’ actions and claims tended to offend the law-abiding people.

    • His association with the common people gave offence the educated and higher class. Matthew 9:10-11
    • Some of His offences were punishable by death.
      • To break the Law of the Sabbath was punishable by death, Exodus 31:12-14; 35:2
        • Jesus’ disciples plucked ears of corn on the Sabbath. Matthew 12:1-8
        • Jesus broke the Sabbath Law by healing people on the Sabbath. Matthew 12:10-15
        • Jesus even claimed to be the Lord of the Sabbath with authority to do on that day as He pleased. Matthew 12:8
      • Jesus’ attitude toward God was considered blasphemous and worthy of death.
      • The third deadly sin Jesus was guilty of was – seducing the Jews away from their  faith.  Deuteronomy 13:6-11
        • In Matthew 14:33 Jesus is worshiped and this could be considered leading the Jews away from their faith.
        • This was also breaking the 1st and second commandment. Exodus 20:3-4
    • So it appears that Jesus did do some things that under the Jewish law – He should be arrested – tried – and be sentenced to die.

    2. But the truth is that Jesus never did break any Jewish Laws nor did He do anything worthy on a death sentence.

    • The problem was that the Jewish Rulers were afflicted with “ignorance” of the Word of God.
    • The TRUTH IS: Jesus is the Son of God and He is God. John 14:8-11
      • So He could forgive sin.
      • So He could be worshiped.
      • So He could do what He wanted to on the Sabbath. (He did things for others and not for Himself)
      • So He could not blaspheme God, for he is God.
      • So He was totally innocent, just as Pilate proclaimed, “I find no fault in this man.”

    3. So, who killed Jesus?   (The REAL TRUTH about Jesus’ Death.)

    • Jesus said in John 10:11-18
      • Vs. 11 – “I …give my life for the sheep.”  Isaiah 53:6
      • Vs. 15 – “I lay down my life for the sheep.”
      • Vs. 17 – “I lay down my life that I might take it again.”
      • Vs. 18 – “I have power to lay it down…I have power to take it again.”
    • Jesus said on the cross:
      • How He laid down His life - Luke 23:46. “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.”
      • How He took it up His life again – Matthew 28:1-6. “He is risen, as He said.”
    • The TRUTH IS: Jesus Gave His life for you, for me and for the whole world. John 3:16
    • NOBODY KILLED JESUS! (How can anyone kill somebody who can lay his life down and take up  again?)



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    Pastor's Corner

    Who Is Jesus? (You Decide!)


       “Jesus himself, when challenged, did not offer airtight proofs about his identity. He dropped clues here and there, to be sure, but after appealing to the evidence. “Blessed is he who takes no offense at me.”

       It occurs to me that all the contorted theories about Jesus that have been spontaneously generating since the day of his death merely confirm the awesome risk God took when he stretched himself out on the dissection table [the Incarnation] - a risk he seemed to welcome. Examine me. Test me. You decide.”                                                         -Philip Yancey

      Even Pontius Pilate, under the peer pressure of the religious crowd, examined Jesus with such questions as: “Art thou King of the Jews?” “What is Truth?” “Knowest thou not I have power to crucify thee?”  Then, in a dark moment of intense frustration, Pilate asked the crowd, “What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?”

       After Jesus cried out, “It is finished,” Jesus laid down his life, and his body was placed in a tomb. On the third day Jesus took up his life and arose victoriously over death.  Now Jesus’ identity was clearly revealed and we all have to answer Pilate’s question, “What shall I do with Jesus Christ?”

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